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Realize your dreams

Interactive 3D models based on reality are far superior to static conceptual 2D sketches.

Conceptual 2D sketches are fine, and often very pretty, but they have obvious limitations. A 3D fly-trough or virtual tour of a future neighbourhood is an infinitely more expressive communication tool. Interactive 3D models that are based on real world scans of the environment enable a whole new level of understanding, dialog and experimentation to occur in your projects.

Guide people to your venue

Maps are evolving, becoming more and more like reality itself.

Digitalization and the Internet have put maps in the palm of everyones hand, but we’re not done yet. The gap between maps and the reality they represent is still an obstacle to use; we want to help close that gap. Imagine maps you can dive into and where everything looks like it does in the real world. You can navigate with ease in the moment, or plan ahead with a level of confidence not possible today.

Monitor your surroundings

The need to manage and change reality demands continuous monitoring.

Current methods for surveying are slow, and visualisation is difficult. Just imagine being able to leverage high resolution 3D images in order to do inspections; Is your roof in need of repair? Are there cracks in your bridge or power dam? What is the total volume of a specific material? We lift your monitoring capabilities to a new level.

Use reality in your creation

Why draw your own 3D images when you can scan the real thing?

Immersive entertainment and simulation experiences constantly drive towards increased realism, but there are better ways to achieve this than to producing models by hand or generating them procedurally. Reality capture & re-use is here to stay.