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See what the eye cannot see

What if you could get a complete understanding of the condition of your building envelope? Now you can easily identify energy leaks with the help of Spotscale thermal 3D model.



Energy leakage from buildings is a real problem! Our buildings consume 40% of the global energy and accounts for a large part of our planets CO2 emissions. There is an enormous potential to lower the energy consumption in the real-estate sector.

Back in the days energy was affordable and people didn’t think about insulation in the same way as they construct today. For example, on large older buildings, there are loads of hidden leakages and the problem is that you don’t really know where they are.

Traditionally people used a handheld thermal camera. A person walks around with an IR camera scanning the roof or facades trying to understand where warm and cold spots are located.

When it comes to large buildings this is a time-consuming and problematic process. There is difficulties for a person to come to the right angles and heights to get good IR imagery of larger buildings. And even if it would be possible, there is currently no good way to structure and analyze this information.



Spotscale provide the world’s most detailed 3D models of built areas for real estate owners. Our advanced computer vision algorithms creates a detailed 3D model from close up imagery where the condition of buildings can be analyzed in extreme resolution.

At Spotscale, our team of computer vision engineers is processing huge amounts of images on the cloud. Billions of pixels are turned into a 3D model of the building so that it can be inspected rapidly in IR.

Benefits of thermal imaging made by drone capture

With a thermal imaging camera mounted on a drone you can capture and detect changes in temperature in the climate shell of the building. Identifying problematic areas that the naked eye cant see. When a drone service provider captures the images the advantage with their drone is that they can reach all angles of the roof and facade for large industrial buildings. In this way, the building is captured within just a few hours. The inspection with the help of a drone makes the capture process faster, more secure, and easier for analysis.

At Spotscale we can provide a full service solution but also support if other companies wants to collect the imagery by themselves and later upload their imagery to us.

When imagery is captured, the data is uploaded to Spotscale’s cloud solution for processing. When the processing of the 3D model is done we deliver a link to a 3D model of the building and the user can analyze the problems in detail and measure the extent of them in 3D right from their browser. Spotscale Thermal tools let the user browse the whole building and adjust the thermal information in real-time to rapidly find anomalies and measure the size of them.

Spotscale is first to market with this advanced 3D thermal image model. Finally, the Real Estate owner can get suggestions on where to isolate and how much can be saved from this insulation. It is then a decision for the
Real-estate owner to take action and invest in the renovation.
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